Nexgen has been helping our clients build for over over 27 years. American owned and operated since 1995, we have grown from a small local homebuilder into one of the Bay Area's most capable and trusted providers of construction services. As an established firm, we have a long-term perspective that is invaluable in our industry.

"We pride ourselves on being a local builder with regional reach. Our employees are spread across job-sites throughout the Bay-Area. Though our presence today is larger than ever before, we are deeply rooted in the communities where we build and live."

— Noel Chamberlain, President

Our portfolio features projects of all sizes and levels of complexity — from intricate commercial renovations to some of the most complex residential developments in the Bay Area; we can build it all — and we do. Nexgen’s breadth of capabilities ensures that we are able to meet our clients’ needs every time, on every front.

Our teams know that every project is unique. We create custom solutions for every project as evidenced by our portfolio. We're proud of each and every one of our completed projects — each forging new ways to build better.

At Nexgen, we believe in having a cohesive team and mission for every project. Our clients share our vision, values and our continuous pursuit of excellence. They want to help us move innovation forward and believe so deeply in their projects that their vision is essential is proper execution.

"Whether big or small, every project starts with a dream—and why not dream big?  When you have a partner who helps clear the path between you and what can be, any dream is possible. Homeowners and commercial building owners see your dream come to life when a shiny new home or building is unveiled.  We envision the possibilities before the project even begins."

— John McCann, Project Manager

At Nexgen, we approach every project with a true collaborative mentality. Our seasoned leaders are responsible for building and maintaining strong client relationships and for growing capable, reliable teams that improve processes, speed delivery and support all facets of your construction project.

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